PRO2 2: Grammar, Spelling, Dictionary, AutoCrrect, and AutoType for Mac OS X

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Ever wonder whether it would have been different if you would have made a better impression with your writing? Writing is your other means of communication besides speaking. This is particularly true these days with email and web sites as the computer and the internet have become the other means of communication. Because of new technology, writing is now a very important daily function. And now communicating with above-average writing skills is becoming the norm. And many people do not have these skills, or many are neglecting these skills.

Grammarian PRO2 solves this and more, by making you appear scholarly and by making your writing look stylish and professional. Grammarian PRO2 is the next best thing to having your English teacher sitting right beside you.


New in PRO2*

Grammarian's Improved Grammar Check Accuracy

Improved accuracy along with more grammar and spell checking

Inspire confidence with Grammarian's improved accuracy and correctness.

Grammarian PRO2 grammar check catches homophones

Catch correctly spelled words that are used incorrectly

Use PRO2 to catch errors that nothing else can possibly even try, such as words like it's and its, be and bee, except and accept, to, too, two, etc.

Grammarian's html checking

Check HTML and LaTeX documents.

Check web pages and educational or scientific documents.

Grammarian's grammar check automarkup


Automatically mark up the document or a copy for full review before making corrections. This can be printed out as a hard copy.

Grammarian's Statistics

Statistics Analysis

Graph comparable sentence-by-sentence reports in real time.

Grammarian's input method

64-bit Input Menu and new 64-bit Pencil Menu

Compatible with all applications running on Mac OS X.

Grammarian's Improved Performance

Improved performance

PRO2 is the fastest yet.

Grammarian's Improved UI

Improved user interface

We've overhauled the user interface to reduce clutter and improve efficiency.


Grammarian PRO2 Mac OS X

Full support for Mac OS X 10.6 to Mac OS X 10.11

Grammarian PRO2 is 64-bit compatible with all the latest versions of Mac OS X.

Grammarian Grammar Check

Grammar and spelling

Grammarian PRO2 has the most comprehensive error-check writing and editing capability.

Grammarian PRO2 has over 275 built-in primary spelling and grammar writing rules compared to MS Office's 26 error corrections.


Dictionary and thesaurus

. Grammarian PRO2's built-in U.S. English thesaurus offers over two million entries for almost 250,000 words. Entry words contain definitions and parts of speech.

Grammarian PRO2 AutoCorrect

AutoCorrect and AutoType

Grammarian PRO2 automatically corrects 4,000 common typos (for US English) and spelling mistakes.

Let Grammarian PRO2 fix typo mistakes and do the repetitive typing for you. Automatically, instantly, invisibly-often without you even noticing.

Grammar Check: Statistics Analsyis

Statistics Analysis

Use Grammarian PRO2's professional Statistics tools to review your writing in order to target your audience.



* PRO2 details: What's new in Grammarian PRO2



System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 or later (including Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Yosemite, Sierra), Intel Mac


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